MPoze Fashion

In Her Skin is a collection that represents the comfort, beauty, and sensuality of the woman’s mind, body and soul. This collection caters to the woman who seeks comfort and style in the comfort of her home.

The garments have been designed to drape gracefully on the woman’s body in a way that allows her to feel comfort with an appreciation of her curves. The softness of the fabric emulates the delicacy of the woman’s femininity. The neutral tones embody the beautiful shades that make up the many faces that represent HER.

While trying to balance a career, motherhood, and life, this super wombman finds a moment to admire and appreciate herself. She has mastered the ability to secure the bag, lead her tribe, and love herself. She understands her power and will - making her unstoppable!
She finds herself lost in thought.

She is a bonafide BOSS babe. She is passionate, vibrant and charming. With a mindset that drives her success she is finally taking a day to herself where she is working at the comfort of her home. She wears IN HER SKIN because it allows her to be comfortable and still feel trendy and sexy. 

Like most mornings she is up early, preparing for her day. Basking in the silence and cleanliness of her home while her family sleeps in. She walks around her penthouse taking in the view, and embracing the sweet aromas of the candles she lit up and the coffee she brewed to start her day. She feels comfort and gratitude for her life. Overwhelmed with the feeling of love for her partner and their accomplishments together as parents. She sips on her coffee and smiles at the sounds of her family making their way to her.